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Competitive Suppliers of Quality A-Grade Vikoys (Kikoys/ Kikoi/ Vikoi) and related products such as Kikoy Towels & Kikoy Trousers.



Kikoy (key-koy) is a length of woven cotton cloth. It is usually fringed along the ends and has a simple woven – not printed – pattern in colored stripes…. Kikoys are the traditional wrap-around worn by men along the East African coast. (Source: Kangas: 101 Uses by Jeannette Hanby and David Bygott).


Kangas: 101 Uses by Jeannette Hanby and David Bygott

All our kikoys are made out of 100% cotton yarn. Looking for an alternative to expensive Linen? Kikoy is the closest substitute in our opinion.

Regular Kikoy


Approx Size: 40”x70” or 102cm x 178cm

Made out of 100% combed cotton and available in a large number of colours, designs, stripes and combinations.

Makes a great coffee table cover, shawl, wrap-around for the beach, car seat cover etc! Let your imagination run wild!

Knotted Kikoys (Sokota)


Approx Size: 40”x70” or 102cm x 178cm

Tassles/ Fringes are braided then knotted for a longer lasting kikoy!

Toto Kikoy (for the Kids/ used as a small scarf/ Miniskirt!) 


In Orange - Approx Size: 28”x55” or 70cm x 138cm

Why should kids be left out? Each toto kikoy is knotted.


Single Bedcover Kikoy                                                 Double bedcover incl. 2 pillow cases 

Approx size – 60”x100” or 152cm x 254cm                     Approx size 90”x120” or 229cm x 305cm

Makes a great looking bedcover!                                     Fits upto King-size bed, looks great on a queen size bed!


Super Soft Kikoys

Approx Size: 41”x68” or 105cm x 173cm

Super soft to the feel…


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